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Production Development and Creation

Video. Photography. Podcasting. Audiobooks

Founded in September 2013, LStop Media is a full-service multi-use content production agency focusing on video, photography, podcasting, and audiobooks. It was started by Bradley Glanzrock, who has more than 17 years of experience as a producer, videographer, photographer, and editor. We are a one-stop resource for production development and creation, with the goal of ensuring the content we concept, create, produce, and edit is as compelling and captivating as it is relatable and informative.


LStop Media customizes content based on your organization and its needs, optimized and specifically targeted to the most appropriate audiences and channels of delivery. We assign roles and resources to projects based on the best fit with the client and subject matter, tailoring all pricing specifically to the scope of work and the client’s abilities, all in an effort to ensure the highest level of success.

Services Offered


As storytellers we produce and deliver cutting edge video solutions. From commercials, documentaries, podcasts, and corporate videos to live events, shows, concerts, and presentations, our production team tailors content geared to enhance your ideas, brand, message, and goals. From cinema to 360 cameras, we can capture moving images in all types of scenarios and from any perspective.


We offer full photo coverage for all types of projects, events, portraits, and products. Our team are experts at making images, taking into account subject matter, perspective, lighting, and post-processing. All cameras have the ability to wirelessly transmit content at a moment’s notice to smartphones or tablets, for times when clients need immediate delivery during events.


From ideation to production, we can help you develop a captivating show concept that works in both audio and video formats. Our team is able to build a show aimed at your target audience, produced by seasoned storytellers and engineers that help manage the interviewing, scripting, writing, scheduling, audio, video, and post production processes. From podcasts to show notes and multimedia social content, we are there every step of the way to ensure your show achieves its creative endeavors and impact for you and your organization.


We can help bring to life your ideas and creativity. Audio producers and engineers collaborate with our clients to develop the best recording and post production offerings to make sure the essence of your story is cultivated and delivered in the most effective way possible.


Behind the Lens

Bradley Glanzrock Headshot.JPG
Bradley Glanzrock

Bradley has more than 17 years of experience as a creative leader and storyteller, producing compelling and emotionally connective content through video, photography, and audio. His career has been built on a system of high values, strong positivity, and an appreciation of creative collaboration and partnership. Bradley has worked in everything from local and national television news, professional sports, and commercials to marketing, communications, podcasting, live events, and music. He is an agile content creator with a passion for leading the development of multi-use content across many verticals, cross-functional teams, clients, and subject matters throughout the world. 

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